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Anatolian Shepherds

New Anatolian livestock guardian dog

Our newest Anatolian Shepherd male, Captan

Old*Glory Serdar (EX OFA), one of our stud dogs. Limited semen available at 2 straws for $1000

Mangham Manors Jachin (sire of Serdar)

When I first got Jachin, he was big (185 lb), and impressive, plus quiet and laid back but very food aggressive towards me. For two months I wasn't quite sure how to take him. One night I was feeding him some raw chicken and as I handed it to him, he growled menacingly at me. It hit me wrong and I threw a leg quarter of half frozen chicken at him and when it hit him, he looked at me in hurt surprise and dropped the chicken I'd given him, and walked away. No way would he even look at his food, as much as he liked chicken. He has never growled at me again. I can do anything with him, and he loves to be hugged but he also is very much a guardian.

One night with his former owners, they heard a great commotion at the goat pens and by the time they got there, all they found was a pair of men's pants ripped to pieces and Jachin with his ruff standing on end, standing over them. Apparently someone climbed the fence to steal a goat and they didn't quite make it back over the fence when Jachin caught him! :)

Female Imported Karabash

Anatolian Shepherd, Jacky, dam of Serdar

Pilot, son of Serdar

Old*Glory Serdar's and Old Glory's Xena's
puppy from a previous litter. 

Yasmin, daughter of Serdar 1 year

Orphan kid adopted by a new mother!

Balkir, imported Male Anatolian

Balkir at one year old

Yashi with a lost kid. She is such a good guardian she will stay and guard an armadillo hole if a kid falls into one, until the kid is rescued. She is 1 year and 3 months old in this picture.

Sultan (stud)

Karabash (Black Face) Anatolian Shepherd 170# at 2 years.
Sire is Gentleman Kaan who was an import.


8 month old pup working all alone!
Nightwatch "Luk" was working
all by himself at 7 months old

Emmielu at 4 mos. old

Sultan's puppy at 10 months (Hakiki)

Zest and Nagy...
Puppies raised with the herd!

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