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Name: SAY-WHEN SHINE ON SHINOLA - N001139300 Click for more info
DOB: 12/9/98
Comments: Shinola was one of the most handsome bucks you can imagine. Just imagine Trailblaiser and you have it. He had an excellent topline! Shinola's dam, Sharona, has a National Show quality udder. I fully expected this buck to be as good as his ancestors were, in reproducing exceptional bodies and udders and he did. This is one of his first freshening daughters, Old Glory Kassarea.

SIRE: Little O Acres Shinola ( Brother to 1st and 2nd pl. milkers at Nat. Show!)
SS: Say When Evening Shade
SD: Little O Acres Jolly Rancher

Dam: Say When Sugar's My Sharona ( Spectacular *10* udder! )
DS: Say When Best Bullwinkle A I
DD: Say When Sugar Eve ( Very prepotent doe! )

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: $50 a straw

Name: *B Kismet Chancellor's Kudos - VG 87 Click for more info
Comments: Kudos is already famous for his offspring. Kudos throws milky, show udders and freight train bodies. Frosty Chancellor is famous for National Show winners; 3X National Show Champion, Soncare Gabriel and RGCH Rio Del Oro's Mountain Mama. Kudos is a very handsome fellow with the most wonderful breed character but because he has a bad leg (deer worm), he can never be shown. It makes no difference because Kudos is a legend already. Take notice of how many close relatives are GCH!

SIRE: ++*B Amberwood Frosty Chancellor
SS: ++*B GCH Hallcienda Frosty Marvin
SD: GCH Amberwood's Dandy Summer Frost 1*M

Dam: GCH Kismet Smooth Kristen 3*M - EX 91 EEEE - 91 National Champion
DS: ++* GCH Kismet Marvin's Smooth Operator
DD: GCH Khimaira Hero's Kismet 2*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: $50 a straw

Name: Old*Glory Bolero's Ravel
Comments: Ravel is a specially bred buck, to cross with Frosty Marvin lines, for this is a proven cross. Niro's Zettie was this breeding and a better one hasn't been seen. Ravel is very handsome and his beautiful offspring have lovely udders with improved teats and teat placement. Ravel's teat placement is very desirable! These are bloodlines that are rare to extinct in the USA and proven to cross exceptionally well on anything Marvin.

SIRE: ++*B GCH Wind Drift's Beau's Bolero
SS: *B R&J Beau Chapeau
SD: Treasure's Shannandoah 2*M

Dam: Amberwood Chancellor's Elise - ( Proven prepotent doe! )
DS: ++*B Amberwood;s Frosty Chancellor
DD: Jibarski Bo's Secret Whisper 2*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $100

Name: Say When Big Easy
Comments: Big Easy is a huge, correct buck and his offspring are gloriously beautiful. These bloodlines are proven, well known and show quality. This young buck will impress you with what he throws. His dam is one of the nicest in my herd and she is huge also; lots of leg and length. Big Easy will level toplines and his sister is show quality gorgeous!

SIRE: Say When Evie's All She Wrote
SS: Honey Amber Resolute By Choice
SD: Say When A J Enchanted Evening

Dam: Say When Dante's Sahara
DS: Say When Blue Dante A I
DD: Say When SS Hell's Bells 1*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $ 75

Name: Jacob's Pride Rock On Click for more info
Comments: Rock On is an extremely long, tall buck with excellent breed character. Rock On' sister, Bernice, was 6th place yearling milker at the 99 National Show. He is also a proven buck now and is passing on long bodies, lots of leg and milk and people are getting a good view of the rear of his daughters in the show ring! : )

SIRE: CH Will O' The Wisp Red Rock
SS: *B Amberwood Setting' The Style
SD: Will O' The Wisp Gilden Lily

Dam: Six-M-Galaxy Princess Jazmin`
DS: +*B Six-M-Galaxy Poseys BF Nova
DD: Six-M-Galaxy Aisha 5*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $100

Name: *B Old*Glory King Patch
Comments: King Patch is a very handsome buck with excellent breed character and correct body. GCH Dodger passed on his beautiful breed character and long ears! His dam Tanya, was 2nd udder at the 5 year class at the National Show in 1997. What an udder Tanya has and what a body! King Patch is a buck who should be used if you want champion bloodlines and champion udders!

SIRE: +*B GCH Patch Quilt Farm D. Dodger Click for more info
SS: ++*B GCH Rio Del Oro's Dandy-Lion Click for more info
SD: GCH Unicorn Farms Patches 4*M - 1992 National Champion!

Dam: Crow Brook Farm Tanya 2*M - '97 Nat. Show 2nd udder 5 yr. class!
DS: +*B Windchild King Nelson
DD: Fullers Crow Brook Farm Hattie 1*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $150

Name: *B Faith Farm EH Redemption
Comments: Redemption was fated to have a short life but while he was here, he won my heart with his big, lovely eyes and lovely temperament. He was so very correct and his pedigree speaks for itself. Redemption's dam (6-02-89 VVEE, 3 X GCH, 19 X BOB, 15 X BDIS, 14 X BUIS, 94 All American Aged doe and 94 National Champion! Redemption's pedigree speaks for itself in his bloodlines. His sire's dam Eden, was 7 X GCH, 8 X BOB, 8 X BUIS, 5 X BDIS, 1st place yearling at 89 National Show!

SIRE: CH Faith Farm Eden's heritage
SS: +*B Faith fFarm GP Galileo
SD: CH Faith Farm ESJ Eden (See information on Eden above)

Dam: GCH Fait Farm ESJ Eve 1*M ( 6-02- 89 VVEE )
DS: ++*B GCH Bar-W Santana J
DD: Had Gadya Elah

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $150

Name: Old*Glory First Class
Comments: First Class is a fine buck with outstanding conformation. I am here to tell you, his kids are first class also; very large, very correct and lovely toplines. I expect First Class to soon be a proven and sought after buck, with the bloodlines he has. His dam Areba has a *10* show quality udder and his sire Typesetter is a well known and well proven buck. Typesetter's udders were without peer. View picture of his son, Old*Glory Uptown.

SIRE: *B Jowanda's Typesetter
SS: +*B H. Homestead Teletype - A I
SD: Jowanda's Royal Charise - 4*M

Dam: Crown Point Reba's Areba - A I ( Has a *10* show quality udder! )
DS: +*B H. Homestead Masterpiece
DD: Crown*Point CER Reba 4*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $100

Name: Dayspring Bit O' Glory
Comments: Bit O' Glory is a wonderful buck with great sharpness of withers and uphill stance. Bit passes these qualities on to his offspring and is one of CH Dayspring Glory's best sons! His daughters have exceptionally beautiful, show quality udders and level toplines. Bit is one of the finest of the Dayspring bucks, who sires high, wide udders and lots of milk!

SIRE: *B Crown*Point Mama's Boy
SS: ++B GCH Wingwood Farm Blazin Tamerlane
SD: GCH Rio Del Oro's Mountain Mama 3*M ( RGCH National Champion )

Dam: CH Dayspring Glory ( Prepotent doe! )
DS: +*B Price O The Field Luke
DD: CH Dayspring Grace

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5/$150

Name: Hills Of Heaven Great Joy Click for more info
Comments: Great Joy is just that; he comes from a line of bloodlines that reproduces itself and more. His dam Joy, milks 13.5 lb. out of a perfect udder, who also happens to have a perfect topline. What a beautiful buck and what a wonderful pedigree. Until Great Joy has fresh daughters, this is a chance to buy semen at very much a sale price!

SIRE: *B Old*Glory Glory Hallelujah - ( What an udder buck! ) Click for more info
SS: +*B GCH Patch Quilt Farms D. Dodger ( What an udder buck! ) Click for more info
SD: CH Dayspring Glory 1*M - A I - ( Prepotent doe! 15 lb. milker)

Dam: Old*Glory Joy Of A Lifetime - ( 13.5 lb. milker/ perfect udder! )
DS: Dayspring Blue Boy ( CH Dayspring Glory son! )
DD: Dayspring Everlasting Joy - ET

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $75

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