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Name: Crown Hill DH Handsome
Comments: Handsome already has a reputaion for his offspring. His escutcheons are stunning and bodies are perfection. With his spectacular pedigree ( Crown Hill Alliance X Crown Hill Field Of Dreams), this buck will continue the winning ways of Crown Hill in his offspring. These bloodlines are very special and if winning in the show ring and beautiful udders are what you want, look no further! View Handsome daughter, owned by Dween Muse.

SIRE: Crown Hill Command Alliance
SS: CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
SD: CH Crown Hill ATM Willow

Dam: Crown Hill Field Of Dreams
DS: Crown Hill FML Trail Mix ( Udder buck! )
DD: Crown Hill TGS Sky Dreamer

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $100

Name: *B Dayspring HGBG Golden Nugget
Comments: Golden Nugget is the widest and most uphill buck I have ever seen in a Nubian! He has 2 legs and I hope to finish him this year. Golden Nugget is proven and his daughters are capacious and have wonderful attachment. I cannot fault this buck in any way!

SIRE: Dayspring Bit O' Glory ( Fine sire of beautiful animals! )
SS: ++*B Crown*Point Mama's Boy
SD: CH Dayspring Glory 1*M

Dam: GCH Dayspring Heart Of Gold
DS: Dayspring Danny
DD: GCH Robin Wood Eatchur Hearout 1*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $100

Name: OLD*GLORY DANDY-LINO - N001103721 Click for more info
DOB: 04/04/1998
Comments: Dandy-Lino is my favorite buck because of his famous sire GCH Dandy-Lion, whom I owned for a short time, and lost my heart to. Dandy-Lino is throwing extremely gorgeous udders and breed character to spare. Lina is H. Homestead all the way but ties in to Mountain Mama and Gabriel ( 3X Nat. Champion), through Royal Monarch who was their brother, so Dandy-Lino is linebred on famous champions and is the spitting image of the most famous buck in the Nubian world, ++*B GCH Rio Del Oro's Dandy-Lion! I was offered $1,000.00 for Dandy-Lino as a yearling but I knew all along this buck would be famous and turned it down without hesitation! I haven't regretted this for one moment.

SIRE: ++*B GCH Ril Del Oro's Dandy-Lion Click for more info
SS: *B Amberwood's Frosty Chacellor
SD: GCH Scatterberry's Magnolia 4*M

Dam: Old*Glory Lina ( Pure H. Homestead )
DS: *B H. Homestead Super Sun Cat
DD: H. Homestead Fine Catalina

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $150

Name: Say When Turk
Comments: Turk is a very well bred young buck whose dam Sharona, has a *10* udder. I especially like this buck because he is very correct and should sire gorgeous udders and bodies. Turk has the looks and the bloodlines to produce show quality kids. Until he is proven by his first daughter, he is for sale. Please take advantage of this beautiful buck's semen sale.

SIRE: Say When Evie's All She Wrote
SS: Honey Amber Resolute By Choice
SD: Say When A J Enchanted Evening A I

Dam: Say When Sugar's My Sharona ( Has a *10* udder! )
DS: Say When Best Bullwinkle A I
DD: Say When Sugar Eve

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $75

Name: Scottlyn Glenn's Dandy
Comments: Glenn's Dandy is Santana J all the way; very linebred on Santanna, which means lots of milk and beautiful udders. He was the tallest buck I've seen and for a linebred Santana J buck, this was outstanding. I was at a show when his dam won BDIS and when the judge gave her this honor, he said "I have just had the pleasure of having my hands on the finest udder I have ever seen in my years of judging!" She was spectacular!

SIRE: CH Bar-W Gemini
SS: Bar-W Lucky ( Sire is Santana J )
SD: Bar-W Glynda ( Sire is Santana J )

Dam: Bar-W Gigi ( Sire is Santana J )
DS: ++*B GCH Bar-W Santana J
DD: Bar-W Glenna

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $100

Name: *B Old*Glory Hero
Comments: Hero is a special buck in every way; from his dam to his sire. His first kids are highly colored and absolutely gorgeous! Hero is very correct and I predict this young buck will set the Nubian world on fire. He just can't miss! His dam is the largest doe on the place and has such a beautiful topline and wonderful width of body, plus breed character and an udder to die for! His semen won't stay long at this low price; guaranteed!

SIRE: ++*B Amberwood Viking's Hero
SS: Wee 3 R Viking Sun
SD: GCH Amberwood's Frosty Valentine 1*M

Dam: Crow Brook Farm Tanya 2 *M - ( 2nd Udder at the 99 National Aged class! )
DS: +*B Windchild King Kelson
DD: Fullers Crown Brook Farm Hattie 1*m

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5 / $100

Name: Kismet Nimrod The Mighty One - AI
DOB: DOB 3-12-96
Comments: Click to see picture of Nimrod
LA 5-05 VG 89 VVE E in shoulder assembly. .................Nimrod excels in breed character and front end assembly. He is a large, tall, long powerful buck with an excellent shoulder assembly. He is extremely level over the topline with a very nice rump.. He passes on his breed character and smooth tight shoulders to his offspring..He consistently improves udders, both fore and rear, with long fores and high rears. He also improves size and strength. Haf-Hidden Acres have ten daughters out of Nimrod from many lines, they AVERAGED 87.6 in LA and 6 had E on mammaries.

SIRE: +B Dayspring Lion of Judah - AI
SS: ++*B Crown Point ZDR Mountain -Lion
SD: CH Dayspring Grace - A I

Dam: CH Kismet Nutmeg's Megan
DS: *B Kismet Mountain Wizard
DD: GCH Kismet Hero's Nutmeg 2*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5/$150

Name: Old*Glory Ima Pan Giovanni
Comments: Size, correct, blue ribbon pedigree! 5 Stars!

SIRE: GCH ++*B C/F Pan
SS: GCH ++*B Gasconade SS Marksman
SD: GCH L&L Lactators Popcorn

Dam: GCH Dayspring Ima SanPanna - 2002 National Show 1st Aged doe!
DS: GCH ++*B Bar-W Santana J
DD: CH Dayspring Ima Believer

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5/$150 or $50/straw (limited quantity)

Name: *B Old*Glory Mountain Man AI
Comments: Very handsome buck!

SIRE: ++*B Crown Point ZDR Mountain-Lion
SS: GCH ++*B Rio Del Oro's Dandy-Lion
SD: GCH Rio Del Oro's Mountain Mama 3*M - National RGCH winner

Dam: Crow Brook Farm Tanya - 97 Nat. Show aged doe - 2nd udder!
DS: +*B Windchild King Kelson
DD: Fullers Crown Brook Farm Hattie 1*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5/$75

Name: *B Dogwood Hollow R. Galactic
Comments: Galactic has an awesome open wide high eschutcheon. His full brother a year older Dogwood Hollow R. Gallant has sired absolutely gorgous kids. When you look at a pen full of kids and one or two catch your attention, most of the time they are Gallant kids. Galactic and his twin brother are almost clones in appearance and build to Gallant. Galactic is a deep bodied good sized yearling buck. His get have his high wide escutcheon, level topline, and good feet and legs. Galaxy was the 2nd place 3 year old at the 2000 nationals. She is a permanent grand champion and just gorgous. With an LA of 91 EEEE as a 3 year old. See her picture here.

SIRE: *B Faith Farm EH Redemption
SS: +B GCH Faith Farm Eden's Heritage
SD: GCH Faith Farm ESJ Eve 1*M AI

Dam: GCH Full Circle Reflection Galaxy 6*M A I
DS: +*B The Tikity Boo Fez Reflection
DD: GCH Full Circle Flashy Dapples 5*M

Semen Available: Yes
Semen Price: 5/$75

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